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Are you looking for a consultant to provide end-to-end IFRS17 service including consultation in actuarial, accounting, and IT?

IFRS17 End-to-End Implementation

We help you better plan your transition and guidance on the impacts to take on implementation challenges.

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Throughout the project

Understand your situation and specificities, validate your needs, expectation, and show you how our solution can fit these latter.

The transition to the new era of insurance accounting standards, IFRS 17, has wide impacts for insurance companies. Implementing IFRS 17 requires knowledge, systems, and personnel to prepare the latest version of financial statements and disclosures by new methodologies and terminologies. We assist you in planning your transition and provide guidance on the impacts to overcome implementation challenges.


  • On-Premise IFRS 17 Software Implementation Service
  • Software Subscription Service (Renting)
  • Data Works Support (Requirement / Reconciliation / ETL)
  • Data Modeling Support
  • Related Actuarial and Accounting Services Support
  • Journal Entry & IFRS 17 Reporting
  • Post Implementation Support (if needed)

About addactis®

BVA is partnering with Addactis Worldwide THE RISK TECH FOR INSURANCE.

Addactis®, a worldwide company with clients in more than 50 countries and the French leader in actuarial consulting and software, has developed an hybrid business model combining consulting and software expertise over the last 30 years.

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Provide End to End Solution

All our approaches whether on premise or renting a solution service approach includes Design & Implementation phases to give the keys to your teams.

Applicable for all models

General Measurement Model - (GMM)
Premium Allocation Approach - (PAA)
Variable Fee Approach - (VFA)

Credentialed experts

With a strong team of credentialed experts, FCAS, FSA, Accounting (CPA). We can help you achieve your goals and exceed your expectations.

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