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Employee Benefits Valuation (TAS19)

We help valuation defined benefit obligation according to Thailand Accounting Standards 19 (TAS19).

Valuation of employee benefit liabilities for post-employment benefits or long-term benefits It involves complex valuations and has long-term effects on a company’s financial position. Therefore, it is necessary that an actuary must have expertise in valuating the future outcomes using statistical data combined with professional experiences.

For companies need to use this service. All public companies, Listed Companies, or companies that want to be listed on stocks, Initial Public Offering (IPO), or companies that have changed to use an accounting standards with Publicly Accountable Entities (PAEs)

  • Thailand Accounting Standard No. 19 (TAS19)
  • International Accounting Standard No. 19 (IAS 19)

By welfare for employees that need our services, such as post-employment benefits, pensions, post-retirement life insurance, retirement compensation and medical expenses and other benefits such as long-term benefits, accumulated leave rights

Feature Insight

We are the expert in employee benefits valuation. Get ready for a
new technology that can accurately evaluate with simpler.


Experience in valuing a vast array of benefit types.

Legal Severance Pay (LSP)          

Long Service Awards (LSA)

  • Long Term Health Care Benefit
  • Long Service Awards, Incentive, gold awards or other gift

Extra Retirement Bonus 

How to begin

We focus on starting processes and delivering jobs that are easy, fast, reliable, according
to accounting-standard with efficient processes, and state-of-the-art technology.

Data Works

Employee data preparation for valuation, such as employee information and employee movement information, Then the data will be verified for the correctness of the information before starting. The personal information of employees will not disclose, we use only employee IDs as a proxy.

Understanding Data & Assumptions

Actuary needs expertise in valuating employee benefits reserve and future outcomes by selecting suitable assumptions using company experiences combined.

Report & Audit

Prepare to submit a valuation report according to IAS19 or TAS19 accounting standards, including signed by a Fellow Actuary, and will promptly respond to queries from the auditor.

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We strive to provide you with valuable advice and responding to auditors’ questions.

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We provide services with professional, fast service after data confirmation
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